Can you have an UTI and not have bacteria in the urine?

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My 80 year old mother was hospitalized thinking she'd had a stroke because of the confustion. They diganosed her having an UTI -- BUT they did a culture and there's no bacteria in the urine. Can that be?

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Not typically but she may have trigonitis which is an inflammation of the bladder floor. It may also be urethritis an inflammation in the urethra. Monitor urine output as well as color, clarity, mucous and smell. No I'm not crazy, well maybe but you will know what I mean. Is she complaining of flank pain, is it unilateral or bilateral? These are all things you should document. It is common for stroke patients to not properly void leaving residual urine in the bladder. Lots of fluids and please contact physician if she spikes a temp, blood in urine, tea color urine or significant pain. Hope I was not to wordy, Azo may help w pain
I agree with Baumgark on this. UTI can be hard to detect sometimes. They told me sometimes the only sign is MENTAL CONFUSION. Like the day Mother woke up OUT OF THE BLUE had no idea who she was or who I was. Not at all like a gradual growing of dementia signs. Fortunately we had a home nurse who was on top of that issue and within a few days Mom was back to her normal self.

I hope your mom is doing better and you have your moms problem figured out. I attached an article on UTI's to help you understand a little more about the infection. Unfortunately, this is a common issue among the elderly.

Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly

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Can a UTI in a 94 yo become untreatable? She has been on antibiotics many times, and it alwas comes back.....and as I read on your site, the odor is the giveaway. Her physicatrist even told me it could be sepsis, but that was a year ago, and she is still here. Can it be sepsis that does not lead to a systemic infection?

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