Is it considered self-neglect if someone does not bathe?

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My father in-law has not showered or bathed properly in years. Yes years. The apartment is not maintained, there is not a lot of furnishings, however it smells terribly. I have gone to clean and the source is the bathroom

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If it is years since he's bathed, I would say so. If he won't let you help or let an in-home caregiver come in and help, then you may need to get social services to do a welfare check. If they determine he can't take care of himself, you will have backup to get him help.

Many people worry about the fact that elders don't want to bathe and a daily bath is not necessary. Even sponge baths can help. But years? That is a different issue. You probably will need third party help, such as social services, to get anywhere with him.


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