What Are Some Basic Tools to Help Alzheimer's Caregivers?

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I have found that my mother is calmer and less confused when she can play a recorded message I leave for her. The message might be something like, "Hi, Mom, today is Thursday. You've had a good breakfast, Mary is here with you, and I'll see you after lunch." She plays it over and over again. My mother's diagnosis is mild- to moderate- Alzheimer's.

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I use one of those digital photo frames for series of family photos, or more popular, hundreds of funny animal photos I downloaded from the net. On the family fotos, I used Photoshop to add text for family names. There are now plenty of ways to add text to photos on the net or in photo editing programs. Some photo frames also have a way to play music mp3, so I imagine you could record a message too.
There's no reason these can't be used for signs, reminders, etc. I even made up the Grandma tattoo to put on the little guy's chest. I know there are very simple to use voice memo recorders that probably aren't too hard to use. I also revamped a Grandma teddybear mother's day card to read "Grandma. We love you...so...use your walker."
This walker reminder after a hard fall and ambulance,ER, etc.
My mother has a favorite stuffed animal that we take to doctor appointments. When she feels overwhelmed by the new environment, she talks to her stuffed kitty. I have also brought it out when she has home health aides visit.
When my husband was in a nursing home for rehab the last time before he passed away a resident had a bear that talked to her and I thought that was great it kept her attention for a long time,some of the residents had dolls that were their " babies"
My wife has two dolls that she loves and carries one with her where ever she goes. She is in a wheelchair and is allowed to move around the floor where she lives in the alzheimer's unit. I also have taken pictures of some of our trips and hung them up on a wall mounted board on the wall, over her bed. I am in the process of working with an atty to obtain some long term health insurance. I did not get any because I thought I could take care of my wife at home !! This was the wrong thing, because I did not plan on getting older. I am now living in a nice independent living facility and can walk, all under cover, to where my wife is in the alzheimer unit. It sure has been a challenge these past two years.

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Basic tools to help the CAREGIVER? Alcohol, Marijuana and a Psychiatrist come to mind...

When I was with Mom 24/7, I couldn't get away to a library or bookstore, and having the TV on bothered her. Thank goodness for my Kindle! I can download books for free from the library or Amazon. Wireless internet has also been utterly necessary for communication with family: I can send one long letter to everyone at once, reducing the number of hours on the phone. A great big stuffed bear has been very useful since Mom went into a facility: It gives her comfort at any time of the day or night, and she can clutch it tight to keep her warm, too. Now that she not only doesn't recognize me but is reluctant to respond, she can hug the bear when I give it to her, and I get a "hug by proxy".
Standing Alone, can you come to my x mas Party? You can leave the shrink....
Fidget quilts are a big help with the anxiety and restlessness that come with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. Caregivers love them! They are lap quilts with different textured fabrics and "activities" like zippers, ribbons, buttons etc. Fidget quilts can be found online (Etsy, Google, EBay etc).
Standing Alone.......you still have your sense of humor, that is good! I have thought many times of those things. But, can't leave my dad alone long enough to do it!!

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