I am having trouble handling my sisters' negative comments.

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I feel like I'm a bit nuts.
I took Mom to my daughters for Thanksgiving-she had a nice day and we took pictures, well I sent one to my sister and her reply was "she looks sad in that pic".
It was a good pic of her and her great grandaughter.
Well, that night I just couldn't sleep thinking about her remark, this happens every time "anything is said that is negitive about anything!!
I have 2 sisters that just aren't doing anything for Mom but voice their opinion and when they say she needs--I just can't sleep until "I" get it done.
Do others have this problem or am I actually going nuts ??


Join the nutty group. They say the drive to crazy is a short walk. It's a nice place to visit, but I hope to recover soon.
Nance it is easier to make rude comments than to actually do the hard work of caregiving. I use to take all commets the husband made to me to heart until I realized most of the time he was very wrong I learned to take his rude comments with a grain of salt and would ask my self if he was right and after I learned to realize he was not right and I was my life got easier like who made him boss and why did he have no friends and I did-he was a master at discounting me and my thoughts and I allowed him to do that for too many years. You are not going nuts-your sister is wrong and you need to filter out her negative comments it time you may be able to tell her she is not helping and suggest to her how she could help we teach others how to treat us but even if you do not say anything to her because you do not want to confront her tell it to yourself after a while your self help will help you-sometimes I say to myself if a good friend had this problem what would you say to her to help and say that to yourself there will always be know it all out there-next time you may decide not to share pics with that rude women.
Austin--I know what you say is right, but I've tried to ignore the rude things they say.
It's hard for me to just put her out of things but I'm going to really try to do just that.
I enjoy sharing the few good moments, but I'll have to learn that its just not worth it--so sad.
I'll never understand why some people like to hurt others.
I pray that I'll NEVER be one of them.
I have found that when family members criticize- it's out of guilt. Next time your sister makes a comment like"mom looked sad" sound upbeat and reply, "you are so perceptive- when this picture was taken mom mentioned how much she misses you!" Trust me, nine times out of ten the negative comments will stop.
Natalyl - What a great idea!!
Yes, it was a wonderful idea, but dumb me--I said,through tears--yes she was happy, she had a good day, bla bla bla
As much as we would like our unhelping siblings to always look favorably on us, its not gonna happen.
You cannot be "super caregiver" so stop trying. When your sisters say that mom needs something tell them to get it for her. It could be that you are so efficient that your family thinks that you dont need any help.
And stop taking to heart their nasty comments. I know that it is easier said then done. But dont give them the satisfaction. I struggle with the same issues, and more.
I get through the day with massive doses of prayer.

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