3 power of attorneys.

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3 powers of attorneys- the youngest brother 3rd on the list- thats my self at the time in my 50s Our Mom was in her 80s


I for contacting my Moms doctor and being 3rd listed as power of attorneys power - I was scolded by a health care worker for contact with my Moms doctor who was my doctor not my Moms- Any way I was banned from my Moms presents banned from the care facility after she never spoke or ate again and she passed away never seeing or hearing from me again- I hired lawyer and private investigator gave up my morgage slept on ground the dirt to pay them but she died silently- Im now in pain the pains remind me of my Moms God forbid golden years the end- Should I now contact California and question that care front of a judge ? I been doing healthcare and law enforcement since the invention of health problems and not one time was I fired ?
I'm sorry you have a dysfunctional family and you weren't able to be there when your mom passed away. You say she was in a care facility, so what would you have had done differently? You may have disagreed with your sib's choices, but as primary poa legally he/she had the authority to make the choice, involving 2nd and 3rd would be a courtesy, not a necessity. What can you possibly hope to gain by dragging this before a judge?
Thanks for asking- the answers is nothing however that said reality when the chips are down it needs to be upgraded to the chips are a lifeless thing when a Mom is down or a stranger down and out thats time to put shoe on the other's foot and walk that last mile with all conserned- putting the conflict of disagreement to rest - Rest in peace Mom and now too sibling- Dad been passed since 1968 I really did become a man that day - alone isnt bad - Mom passed away "alone" - I will muscle it sooner or later too ***

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