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Just struggling to cope with mood swings


More info, please
Incredible fine 1 minute then a blackness descend no warning really angry but forgets in the blink of eye
Evidently, it's a kind of encephalopathy. "Wernicke's encephalopathy is the presence of neurological symptoms caused by biochemical lesions of the central nervous system after exhaustion of B-vitamin reserves, in particular, thiamine. The condition is part of a larger group of diseases related to thiamine insufficiency, including beriberi in all its forms, and Korsakoff syndrome. When Wernicke's encephalopathy occurs simultaneously with Korsakoff syndrome it is known as Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome."


So, evidently, Robbyrich knows someone with Wernickes who is having mood swings and is difficult to deal with. Robbyrich, is that right? If you can write a longer description of the situation, you'll get better answers. Otherwise, we're just guessing at what is happening.
Who is this, Robbyrich? Yourself or the person you’re caring for? Are there medications involved? Medical care?
My partner she still drinks no time for children gets very angry then expects them to be loving flares up when their friends come around swears gets jelous of me as children come to me not her extremely anxious all the time ocd memory loss
If she is a heavy drinker, this is a big part of her problems. Getting sober could really help. There are a lot of medicines that don’t mix with alcohol. Is she seeing a doctor?
You show Alzhemiers in ur profile. Since this Wernicke's is a neurological disorder she should be under the care of a neurologist. The doctor should be able to prescribe a medication. Since B1 has something to do with this, if not taking it should. This is not fair to the children. Maybe partner needs more care than u can give.

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