Since basicly the only tv station my Mom watches is GSN I was wondering if you or someone you know have been on a game show?

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Did they win anything? When I was 5 yrs I was on Bozo the Clown with my brother, he got picked to play a game.. I just stood on bleachers crying because the bow on dress came untied!!


Just LOL about you being Bozo the Clown crying on the bleachers due to an untied bow.... so cute.

So, now I know someone who was on a game show.... you :)
Lol, no but i had a customer at a retail store i worked at in college that was on a maury
Oh wow Maury.. I hope it was for a paternity test! Those are the best episodes.. "I know he's the father" then Maury says "you are not the father" and the chick goes running of stage screaming and crying... Hysterical..

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