Really rough day with Father (99) who won't accept help.

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Please ... iam at wits end please talk tk me!!! Please anyone on that will just talk to me.

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I'm not sure I have this right. Your profile says it's your husband, but the question says father. Either way, he's 99 years old, right?

It must be tough to try to provide help if he refuses. Is he bed bound or in a wheelchair? Do you have any outside help coming in? I would certainly try to get some outside help like an agency to help with things like bathing, changing, feeding, etc. Doing it all by yourself is really a lot. How is your health. You have to take care of yourself too.

Do you have any family members who can help stay with him so you can take a break? I'd look into some respite care. You certainly need that.

There is a lot of support here on these boards too. I hope you'll get more responses to your question. If you give more details about the situation and what you are dealing with, you might get more detailed answers.

Good luck and hang in there!

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