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I just came across this group. "My whine moment of today" is exactly how I feel today. I am part of the sandwich generation. I hate to say this but I am tired of helping out. Looking forward to support with this groupl


Welcome Diane. I think we all are tired of helping out. Don't worry about admitting it. Care giving is very challenging and too many of us suffer ill health, stress and exhaustion from it. You will find support here.
Welcome, Diane! This is a great caregiver support group. I like that we can be honest here and not have to compete for the Caregiver of the Year award. I certainly would never win that, so I feel right at home here.
DianeSquire, welcome to the group :)

Up on the blue bar above, you will see 3 white lines, click on that.... now you will see a "search" box, type in "sandwich generation". Up will pop articles and other questions people have had about the sandwich situation. Good readying !!
Diane you have found an awesome site. Welcome. So I am not familiar with the sandwich generation so I am going to do the search with I have learned from freqflyr :) Welcome aboard. Get ready for enlightenment. You open up and share and help come in all forms and ways. We got some real wise folk up here. lots of gifted and wonderful people. Lot of common sense and slowly stripping of blindfolds.
Welcome, Diane. We get it. This ride is uniquely exhausting. And the face-to-face crowd assigns a huge taboo to telling it like it is. This is a safe place to vent.

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