I am a caregiver and I need suggestions on caring for my client.

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I am a paid caregiver and do get to go home.But my time at my safe place is spent trying to decompress.My client has dementia and the family thinks she has Alzheimers. So many people think the two are the same and they do not understand the care is different. The family is loveing and careing but my primary contact is always too busy to address certain things. Such as, my clients medications.I was basically thown into this sitation without alot of information. I take responsibilty for not communicating with the family better. I need to be more assertive in getting them to listen. As tired as I get, I still want my client to have a quality life. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. I may not have given enough information, so ask anything. Thank ya'll for listening.LindaM

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