I was taking care of a woman with Alzheimer's and not to pat myself on the back... I gave this woman 100%. But other caregivers did not do their job young girls did their homework and other things. Then left this poor woman in a soiled depend for the next shift. But things got even worse the patient started passing blood and a clear liquid from her rectom, bed sores, and bruises and no one knew how or why this happened. And when I brought all this up to her daughter and logged it in on my shift work she had enough. And she told me I was no longer needed.She thanked me for taking such good care of her Mother she addmitted I kept her clean and other family members praised how good she looked and smelt when I was there and cared for her.. After doing my job and doing it 100% it was not enough I am sick over this because I loved and cared alot about this woman . Now I am afraid for her well being... But what can I do? This is so unfair to this woman .

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You could ask for a welfare check from the adult services at your county social services. It's hard to say where it would go from there, but if you are worried she is being neglected, that would be the thing to do.
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buttercup I have no idea. Sorry. Don't know who you can report them to...
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