Mom called and asked if I can come in for her operation.

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I said no. She seemed disgusted. But I have been there for every other hospitalization. Every few years she ends up in the hospital. I have been burned out from her lately. And been advised by people on this website to distance myself and set limits with mom. I have had it with her problems. I am emotionally drained. I don't care. I actually wish she would die.



Barbara, at least in my mind, there is a difference between maintaining boundaries against being called everday with insoluable problems and " being there" when your nom is having sugery, possibly life threatening surgery.

This is one of the reasons that several us have urged you to go back to therapy. Because there is a big difference.
Hadnuff, I have followed you for a while and I agree with your decision to take time off. When you are burned out, you have to step back and recharge your batteries. I wouldn't be surprised if you got there and she changed her mind again at the last second. Get well first.

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