How did everyone spend the 4th of July holiday weekend?

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Camping with hubby and friends for the firsf time without worrying about responsibilities that were not of my choosing. 3 years being saddled with an unwanted responsibility of caregiving took quite an emotional toll on me. Deceased and now I am free.
It was no different than any other day. Sig other went to work [the airports don't close for holidays], and I did light housework which bored me to tears.

At 8pm I called my parents to remind them to watch the entertainment from Washington D.C. which is being shown on our PBS stations. They probably fell asleep after 15 minutes.

Then the communities around us started with their fireworks along with the neighbors with something new now that sounded like a cannon. Oh my gosh, my one cat was terrified by that sound, as I am sure the wildlife outside was, too. Really now, was it necessary to fire off stuff that sounded THAT LOUD? Thank goodness it quieted down around midnight. Had my fire/EMT scanner on, and there were no firework injuries, thank goodness.
July 4th is my mother's birthday. She turned 84 yesterday. I drove to her house Saturday morning, bought a birthday cake and ice cream on the way. I took my mother to a 4th of July barbecue at her 55+ community, then back to her house where we had a birthday party with my 2 sisters and BIL. It was very nice, actually.

Today I got up (still at Mom's house) and did a long list of chores including taking her shopping, getting her car washed and gassed up, changing her bed, fixing her clogged coffee-maker, replacing the feet on her walker and the grip bars in her shower, etc. etc. I just got home a few hours ago and I have to drive back tomorrow (90 miles each way) to take her to a morning drs. appointment on Tuesday. I'm glad we gave my mom a nice birthday, but I'm feeling bummed about the ever-expanding list of responsibilities that are falling in my lap these days.
Freqflyer. ..they did the super loud fireworks here too . My neighbor across the street had a party and they were shooting them all night. Unfortunately, my bedroom windows face them so I didn't get much sleep until very late and it was hard to wake up for church this morning! !!
WHY do I keep posting too fast? ??!!! We haf a LOT of rain here on the 4th of July, so a lot of cookout got rained out or postponed. :( It.cleared up in time for the city fireworks celebration. My cousin (POA) and her boyfriend came over and helped clean up the house and trim the bushes outside. They promised to come back and help me with the garden and grass. Outside work was always Aunty's job...she would never let anyone help her with it.

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