Hospice experiences.

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If you've ever received Hospice services, what were your experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly?


My MIL was in NH and received Hospice care for the last 2 weeks of her life.. Everything about it was wonderful... The volunteer would sit with her during the day and the nurse visited daily,, It was very comforting to know they were there when we couldn't be and they answered all our questions..
My husband was on hospice for 5 weeks, in our home. The experience was all good. I'd been trying for 2 weeks, going through the regular Medicare channels to get a hospital bed. Three hours after signing up with hospice a bed was delivered. They cut through red tape.

The nurse noticed things that would improve my husband's comfort. She ordered a foam mattress pad. We had it the next day. When I mentioned he was having a problem with fluids building up in his mouth she suggested a patch behind the ear that would dry up his mouth, and it was delivered that day. It worked! For minor pain she provided a liquid that was more effective than the one we were using. At one point he was having belly pain and she thought he might need a catheter. She went to her car, brought in a sterile kit, and took care of that problem immediately.

When I had a question in the middle of the night I called their 24-hour help line and talked to the nurse on duty.

There were clear and helpful instructions about what to do when he died. I made one phone call, to hospice, and they took care of notifications, having the body picked up and transported to a research center for autopsy.

The final part of the journey can be very hard. I am glad we had experienced, caring people to help us through it.

weve recieved a lot of good intentions followed by bad follow up and the visiting nurse was ugly. i hope this is helpful..
Dear HelpingHand333,
When Mom was still alive we had in-home hospice come in. They were excellent. The doctor came to access not only Mom, but me also since I was the primary CG and it was very difficult for me. The bathing nurse came 3x a week, [and I would do the other bathing days], the RN would come and assess Mom 2x a week, and would come 24/7 should I need them. They were very compassionate and caring and loving. When Mom finally had to be place into the hospice facility, they are very experienced in caring for those who are facing death soon and know all the signs and what to do in any situation that would pop up. They took great care of Mom. They were very unique [this particular hospice]. They would sing to Mom, talk jokes with her, and made her feel extremely loved and happy till the end. Even though I wanted Mom to be at home with me till the end, she needed professional medical care that I could not provide for her. This facility where I live was and is considered the highest in ranking as the best hospice facility on the island. And it was true.
God bless you and I pray that you find a great facility like the one we had for my Mom.

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