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My mom's NH has several different hospice that come in for those residents who're at at that point. The choice of hospice - as it is a Medicare paid for service - should be determined by the family. What I found at my mom's old NH was that hospice was steered to 1 provider almost exclusively. They had been the DON and now were a hospice provider. I have issues with this sort of thing.

Not all hospice providers are the same. Some seem to have a religious aspect more than others. Some have a free-standing hospice-only facility where the patient can go to for end-of-life stay (they move from the NH or the home to this, my MIL went into this type of hospice); some hospice have workers who actually have the ability/ licenses to carry class 3 & 4 drugs & can administer them on the spot if needed - not all hospice do this and have to place an order with the hospice MD or medical director of the NH and then wait for that process to happen. I've dealt with Compassus and Vitas and both were really thoughtful to work with. When my mom does reach the hospice stage, it will be Vitas for her as they are in her city and have a free-standing facility if that seems to be best situation. Also although hospice is a Medicare covered service, Medicare does not pay for the room & board related charges at the NH - that is either Medicaid or private pay. Good luck.
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Yes they do and provide the same type of services they would if loved one is home.
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