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I sometimes think about when I was on a beach with a smoke and coconut. While you are trapped in reality that is caregiving, what tranquil place does your mind wander to?


Even though I didn't really enjoy it at the time (family wedding = forced family fun... not) I find myself fantasizing about the Jamaican vacation I took last year. Long days on a hot beach, unlimited booze and food I didn't have to prepare for myself. Oh, and not having to wash, feed and medicate mom several times a day.
North Carolina, Outer Banks, listening to the waves and birds. It just takes me away from everything.
Sometimes it was the little things like having a chocolate sundae from Dairy Queen with peanuts. Or sitting down to read.
I miss when I could read a book from cover to cover, instead of being interrupted every 15 minutes. *sigh*. At least we can still eat DQ quickly.
At a Robert Plant and Jimmy Page concert.....dancing along with the loving fans.
Sunny, I never would have guessed you were a Led Zeppelin fan!
In a canoe on a lake in the Northwoods Country!
CWillie, Oh yes. I didn't know who they were until the 1990's! But, I made up for it seeing Robert and Jimmy as much as I could. Then, later just Robert. Still.....my idol.
Running naked on a beach in the freezing rain with other crazy people during a Spencer Tunick photoshoot.
I imagine I live in a great camper in a the woods.. just me and my pup... I love my hubs and mom,, but sometimes I just some space

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