How do you get to the most recent post on a discussion?

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Depending upon your devices (computer, tablet, phone) you either scroll down, hit "next" or "last". Welcome!
What I do is go to "Edit Account" which is near the top right of the screen after you log in. Once in Edit Account, go to "Email & Newsletters" and check off what you would like to see.... I use "Notifications" which automatically sends to my email any new posts of a question/discussion where I had posted an answer.
a couple of the threads with 20 k or so posts began clear back during the cuban missile crisis. the rise and retraction of communism , cold war era , its all in there . nothing wrong with that but confusing for a newcomer to jump into . they ought to be kept down the board about 10 threads but i havent been able to convince anyone of this yet ..
Thank you both very much

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