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Here are ten titles from my email that were NOT from Aging care!

1. Spinning Wheels.
2.Holy cow free flavors
3.After 50 finances.
4. What are your tactics?
5.Thrive life BIG DEAL.
6.Go for it get prepared for this one.
7.Drinking wine has never felt so good.
8. 40 trends we love to hate.
9.Just grill it.
10.How to refresh your home

That's just from the last two days.


I get lots of spam mail in my yahoo accounts. I just identify it as 'spam' so that any further emails from that sender automatically goes to my spam file. A lot of AC's emails on articles tend to go to the Spam file, too. Your spam have decent titles. Mine seems to have viagara, etc... Dad's herbal supplements are ordered and emailed to me. I guess that's where the viagra is coming from. A lot has the sender with the name of the herbal company BUT the title is definitely Not herbals but of sexual nature - similar to the viagara... I would have included some titles but I automatically delete the spam file.
I keep two email accounts, one for friends and family, one public. I have never understood why some people seem to get so much junk mail as it is very rare that spam gets past the filters on either account. Even the spam filters don't get much mail, but then I am privacy crazy and avoid giving out my email unless absolutely necessary.

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