It is so difficult to deal with our loved one who is having Alzheimers.

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It is so difficult to deal with our loved one who is having Alzheimers. My mama and I put my Dad in a Dementia care, assisted living place (Prestige Care Inc) in last January. For the first two months it is very baffling for him to remain there and afterward that he become comfortable there and don't want to leave even for a few hours. I even recall one of the attendants in that community told us after leaving him that first day “Leave your guilt at the door, we are here to accept care of him” and that was the best advice ever. It's tough when we leave him a mile away, but I know he will be ok.


It certainly is tough! Thank you for sharing your experience, Joann. I am glad that your dad has settled in and is comfortable.
Hear you JoannG! Best advice ever from staff.. If only it were so easy to leave the guilt behind...
It sounds like a great place. What the attendant told you was good advice. Maybe, I'm odd, but I don't feel guilty with my LO being in the ALF. Maybe, it's because it's my cousin and not a parent or sibling, but I feel no guilt. I know she's in a safe place where she's getting her needs met. It's much better than what I could do for her. The day I left her there, I was relieved, not guilty. It took me a couple of nights to finally be able to sleep, I was so uptight for weeks prior to her admission.

My LO tells me the people who take care of her are good to her and she likes it there. That's music to my ears. She says she has lots of friends there. Something she did never had in life prior to this.

The only thing that worries me is that she will have increased needs that will require she be relocated to another facility.
I loved reading this, Joann. It sounds like you found just the right place... and only a mile away. It is so good to read your happy message this morning.

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