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What is the one thing in this world that you like about your parents/in laws / other laws etc. living or having to take care of them? What have you learned from this experience, and what has it taught you differently as a Father!

JUNE 15th, 2014


I will start out.
I thank my father . . .
For being a wonderful dad . . .
For watching myself grow up with a family mom,dad, 3 sisters . . .
He was very old fashioned and women just did not work . . .
We only had one car until my mother was 40 when she got her license . . .
Then she took a part time to full time job . . .
He was always there for parent teacher meetings, band concerts, high school graduation, wedding(s), deaths, births of all of our children. 5 grandchildren's birthday's, and now, still living at 87 a wonderful man. Dad . . . I appreciate you and the love and devotion you give to our mother your wife, who has been struck with Alzheimer's and in an assisted living home. We realize the devastation that this has been on you and our entire family, but we admire you, for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do, each and every day. . . Love always, D, L and S (heart)
my dad was kind of a tyrant but i will give him credit for teaching us to keep it real . im not influenced by , and in fact scoff at the drivel that hollywood and our schools try to promote . never attended a sporting event in my life -- my sons are the same . we avoid hype and wasted energies .
Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there that were there for their children growing up! Fathers Day has always been rough for me and I am envious of those that had good dads. Mine left our lives more than 45 years ago when I was 12. Wish there had been somebody available as a surrogate.
Good comment glad!!!!! You are loved.
While growing up in a dysfunctional family with many issues....I learned my dad was not the bad guy I had been brain washed to think. He used to tell me, "You are as graceful as a 3 legged spider on a freeway!" LOL!!! I miss his humor and I miss the times we spent in the outdoors. He taught me about family, nature and most of all, he taught me to love. Happy Father's Day Dad!!

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