I need some activity ideas to keep dad busy and social while I'm at work.

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My 91 yr 'young' dad now lives with me during the winter months in High Point NC. He is legally blind and moves slow BUT he is sharp as a tack, loves his BIG Screen TV, loves to talk about anything and asks lots of question when meeting people. Loves to share stories etc etc.... I work full time, I have caregiver come to my house Tues and Thursday for 3 hours in afternoon and he loves that. I would like to find something he could participant in on some of the other days during week... he loves bingo (large cards), music. Any ideas? Thank you, Judy


We have an adult daycare facility where I live. Are there any near you? A well-run one offers socialization and even lunch. Is there a senior center with some activity that he might enjoy? Is there a neighbor, or friend who could take him and then return him home?
We have a senior community center. It has a bus to pick people who can't get there on there own. They have bingo, cards, dominoes, and a hot lunch everyday. I am not sure if the lunch is free or cost. If it does it is nominal. An elder care attorney told me about it. They even have dances once a month. I live in Texas, I looked up Senior Center for your town and here is what came up. maybe it would help.
Roy B. Culler, Jr. Senior Center

600 N. Hamilton Street (get directions)
High Point, NC 27262
(336) 883-3584
1p.m. Fee:$1.00 per person
Come out and play Bingo every Wednesday. You play 2 cards for 2 hours. There are a variety of Bingo games. Prizes include small household items and foods. The Bingo group is looking for prizes; if you want to donate call the Center at 883-3584.
Canasta - Regular and Hand & Foot Card Club
Play or learn to play these exciting card games. Bring a snack to share and join us. Hand and Foot Canasta is every Monday at 12:45p.m.; Regular Canasta is every Thursday at 1:30p.m.
Senior Resources of Guilford
Services for older adults. Available daily.
The Center is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm, evenings and weekends when programs are scheduled and other times by appointment.
If your dad used to read before becoming legally blind, check out your county library for books on tape (CD). My father loved history and biographies. Before his cateract surgery his eyes wouldn't focus long enough for him to enjoy his books. Therefore I would request history titles and he really liked to listen to the books on CD. You might ask people to buy him audio books on the titles or subjects he likes for a holiday present. Amazon has a nice section and it could be delivered to him at your home.

If he likes to cook, perhaps have him make soup/stew in a crock pot. My dad enjoyed making stews.

If he has any friends who can visit of course that would be nice for him. I had a barber who came to the house to cut his hair but he was able to talk to the barber about male things--his favorite baseball team etc. If his friends are too old to drive, have him call them and they can have a chat. Many elderly are lonely so any chance to talk is an opportunity.

Good luck.

There are senior volunteer organizations that will come to your home and keep him company for a few hours. Check your local listings online. Catholic charities offer many different options for seniors that are alone.
Thank you all... wonderful comments and I am looking into all of them. Appreciate very much! Judy
I see you're in NC. I don't know about availability of Senior Center Without Walls in NC, but I think there's one in every state. At least ours here in California has had "distance discussions" with ones in the Northeast, Canada, and I understand one recently formed in Portugal - so global. I am impressed with ours here in California. There are no dues. Most "members" are low vision so can't get out. They have tele-conference calls 366 days a year. I'm looking forward to hearing the one on Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. The "members" on the tele-conferences are mentally sharp! And, range in age from 55-95. They have fun things like Bingo, Boggle (I don't have the schedule in front of me right now to remember everything off hand). They also have special presentations by outside facilitators about the State, or Parks in the State, or medical topics, etc. Like a senior center with walls - but without walls.
I highly recommend them. It's a wonderful resource for home-bound shut-ins.
Thank you very much!

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