My dad has tremors in both hands. He is depressed and uses a walker. I need activities for him.

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This is a tough one. What did he like to do before the depression set in? What did he do for a living when he was younger? My dad was an electrical engineer and liked to organize and label things. He has no social skills (Asperger's), so people aren't the answer for him. But give him something to organize or a list to be done, and he can entertain himself for a long time. He loves doing that type thing. He, unfortunately, also likes to organize shopping catalogs and list things to buy that we don't need. That is the downside to it.

If you can figure what your dad enjoyed, you might be able to come up with something he will enjoy now. I'm sure many things can be done even with tremors. Do the tremors happen all the time or just when his hands are idle?

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