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I need some advice on selecting a monitoring system for my parents home.
There are alot to choose from,but how reliable are they?
Any advice for me?


My grandmother is living in an assisted living and we got her a Lifeline, even thought there are pullcords. Several residents had fallen - and how often do you fall near a pullcord or can get to one. It was very inexpensive - $37.89 a month and they have been very helpful on several occasions - one time she was just too weak to get out of the chair, one time she was short of breath, one time chest pains, one time a fall in the bathroom. We have hers set up where they contact the assisted living facility first and then they call me and my husband. Even when they reach the facility - they call and update me anyway, which I greatly appreciate. She has since told 4 other residents about hers and they have gotten them as well. We have not had trouble with hers, but one of the ladies did - I don't know if hers was hooked up wrong or she just couldn't push the button. Lifeline calls and checks my grandmother's unit every month to make sure it is working. It has given me more peace of mind.
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I also got Lifeline and it is great, of course he kept losing it but I always was able to find it and he can be outside the house and it works. If and when he goes into N.H. for good instead of rehab I will have him use it there esp. if he goes into the one close to us because the staff does not always answer the call bell-thank you for that idea.
My mother uses a medical alert for seniors. criticalsignaltechnologies/blog/ It has been very helpful to her, especially because it detects falls. It is a great investment worth making for someone you care for.
I would recommend Rescue Alert, they've been in the business for over 20 years and we've had great success with them when my mother has fallen a few times. Their prices are very affordable, I think as low as $19.95 a month. Here is their website, its worth a look.
It was thanks to the medical alert necklace my mother-in-law had, that they reached me when she fell and broke her hip. The plan was to call me first since we live closest, which they did. When I set it up, I didn't really do any research about them, just started calling in the phone book.
How does one go about suggesting one for a elder loved one.
A number of companies sell Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) that are worn as either wristbands or pendants and feature a button to push in an emergency. The PERS sends a signal to a call center, alerting them that assistance is needed. A responder calls the user's phone and, through a speaker, asks if the person needs help and, if so, who should be called. If there's no answer, they dispatch 911. This device gives the user (and family members) peace of mind knowing that even if the user can't get to a phone, help will be sent. The Philips Lifeline Standard Alert system costs about $41 per month.

One new, especially promising product is Philips Lifeline Auto-Alert service. It is reassuring for anyone who is at risk of a stroke or worried about being unable to push the button for help (e.g., if in an unconscious state). This product has a sensor built into the wristband or pendant that detects the trajectory of a fall and will automatically transmit a signal to the call center to activate the system without the user doing anything. This system costs about $54 per month.

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