I'm tired and can't do this anymore. Someone take my father please!

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I understand and I've only done it for a few days.They seem to need constant attention. It's very hard.
Maybe you need to consider a nursing home. I will if it continues at this rate.
I can't get anything else done.
I feel for you. After several years of caring for Dad, after loosing my job of 9 yrs. and having a caregiver who only administered his meds, I did everything else, I finally spoke to his doctor. We had him Baker acted because Dad was drinking in excess and falling in the middle of the street, bathroom, etc. He was placed in a behavioral facility where they determined he was to advanced (Alzheimers) and now he lives in an assisted living facility less than a mile from my home. The women there are extremely caring, they do everything for him. At first he was agitated and actually urinated in the closet all over his shoes but after a while he settled down and I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!
I am in the same boat. I am on lists for nursing homes in the area. Long wait here in upstate NY I am not sure how long I can take it either. I would appreciate any guidance from others and hopefully I can return some,
Thank you for the support. Its just nice to know Im not theonly one dealing with these issues.

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