I have stage 4 CHF with uncontrollable blood pressure and I have just given up on everything.

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And want to just get to my resting place. I take morphine 30 mg a day I sit here and do absolutely nothing. I'm just tired of the Dr's and have been wanting to end my suffering the easiest way possible and not to hurt my family but I just wanted to know between the morphine I take and durex how much do I have to end my suffering as easily as as soon as possible what is the dosage I would have to take at a time


Are you under hospice care? I doubt that anyone on this forum is going to advise you how to end you life more quickly. But people do understand your situation. Are you all alone or are there any friends or family? If you are under hospice care let them know how you feel. They will not participate in assited suicide, if that's what you are asking, but they can help to ease your suffering if the end is near. My thoughts are with you.
Dear 1971Helpmeout,

Please reach out to the National Crisis Hotline. 1-800-273-8255. Sometimes it's good just to talk with someone.
You must feel terrible. I'm so sorry, and I do understand how overwhelmingly sick and tired of everything a person can get. But please do as Windy or the AC people suggest and get in touch with experienced advisers: it sounds as if there could be more emphasis on quality of life in the management of your heart failure, and hospice professionals are the experts there. Does your family realise how down you are?

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