I am new at this.

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Your profile says you're caring for your wife. How's that going?
There is a wonderful 'guide' that you can get written by Coach Broyle. Coach Broyle cared for his wife, and promised to share the information he learned from his experience. You can review information only, work online with it (interactive) or read the book.

It covers topics such as:

Late Afternoon Behavior
Refusing Care
Using the Bathroom
Home Safety
In the Car
Survival Tips

I strongly recommend this for spouses caring for their wifes, as they will experience unique situations.

God Bless.
so am i hon scary isnt it?(it is for me anyway)my advice from my experience so far,do your best (scuse the expression please)and screw those NOT closely involved.Stay in touch w/docs and keep meds steady.hope that helps...much heart for ya

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