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In September 07 we moved my inlaws down to Texas from Canada due to my father in laws health. He was in the hospital more than he was out. I love having them here, but I am exhausted. We have home health care that is supposed to come in 3 times a week; but she often doesn't show up.

Dad developed quiet a few bed sores. I managed to get most healed completely, however there were 3 of them that turned nasty. I had to put him in the hospital and have them surgically clean them out and now we are home and I am changing, cleaning, bandaging etc. all of these wounds. I never thought I would do this.
Dad has had another stroke, therefore he can not get out of bed anylonger. I use the hoya lift to move him out of his bed so that I can change his sheets and things. Everytime anything puts pressure on any part of his body, another spot develops. I am starting to feel like I am loosing the battle with these things.
The doctors gave him about 2 weeks to live when I brought him home 6 weeks ago. Everytime I think he is getting better something else happens.

I am due to go back to teaching in about 5 weeks and I am concerned about this. Mom can not take care of him, we can not make it with out my paycheck, so what are we supposed to do.

We promised mom we would not put dad in a nursing home, she wants him home with us for the little time he has left.

Can anyone help me on this. Is there any kind of suppliment out there for caregivers to receive when they are taking care of the parents instead of a nursing home?


If he has a short time maybe a hospice worker can come to the home, Hospice is very good check that out.
They have told us that they can come here and take care of him, however if he lives longer than 6 months then they cancell the services.
When we brought him here, the doctors in Canada told us that he wouldn't make it another 2 weeks, that was 10 months ago. When we took him out of the hospital this last time, again the doctors told us that he wouldn't make it a week to 10 days, and that was 6 weeks ago. It seems that he is near the end and then he rallies back.
You said your home health care doesn't show up, can you switch companies ? have you called to complain about the caregiver I'm sure you have. I am in the process of getting a home health aid for my dad because we want to take a 9 day vacation and they said if there were any problems with the caregiver to let them know. Sorry I couldn't help you more. Judy
Judy, I hope you have better luck with yours then we have had with ours. I have complained, and they sent the same woman back. Dad is a vet, therefore the VA sends people here. The VA provides alot of help for us, but then I feel like we cant really complain.
Good example
I would definetly complain to the home health company and ask the physician to order hospice. Depending on the hospice programs in your area this may be your best option. Also, there may be a company in your area that does respite care and this would give you and your mother a well needed rest. You may also want to look at for a Geriatric Care Manager that could look into more resources in your community you may not be aware of. Take Care

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