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Can someone guide me in approaching a Geriatric Physician for the initial appointment? Mom will be going tomorrow morning, and doesn't understand her limitations. She has many health problems, and I need to delicately talk with her Physician about that. Mom has memory and judgment issues as well. She has many recognizable symptoms, which have not been labeled, yet. How do I alert her Doctor to the complexity of the problems? (Mom will be with me during the appointment.) Thanks for your input and suggestions.


Anne, I also had concerns about Dad hearing what I was alerting the doctor about. I have a solution, it worked for me. I wrote all of my concerns on a piece of paper, kept a copy for myself, and handed it to the doctor. I did it while dad was in the bathroom trying to give them a urine sample. Be creative, you are, and think of an opportunistic time. I did, and it worked. Good Luck Anne, hope it helps. Hugs to you!
Thank you. The last time I tried it, their Physician read the whole 8 pages to my Mother when I wasn't there. I'm praying this Doctor is a little wiser.
Sorry Anne, my dad's doctor was smarter. I actually called him and talked to him on the phone long before my dad saw him. But, I live in a kinda rural area, where most of the doctors live and work here, and everyone knows them, so it was a little easier. I handed the letter and list of concerns to the doctor along with a copy of my medical power of attorney, and he fully understood not mentioning dad's cognitive impairment. In fact, dad really does not fully understand his abilities, and lack of abilities. But I guess it goes hand in hand with alz/dem.
Thank God that Physician is downstate, and can no longer overmedicate Mom. She just moved by me, and tomorrow is the first visit. I could take volumes of records and reports with me. Should I?
I would Anne, that would benefit your mother and you as well. And also let the doctor know exactly what has been going on.
Lists, records, and file cabinets full of stuff... I'm praying he can help, because she needs it and also needs follow up from her Cancer surgery. She's decided against Chemo, but needs Radiation, and a Sleep Study. The Visiting Nurse, Social Worker and Occupational Therapists suggested I ask Doc about a Geriatric Assessment Clinic referral, as well. Poor Mom. Thanks for your feedback, Naus. Hope all's well in your corner of things :)
I remember when I was little, my Mom had lymphoma, hodgkins. They gave her high doses of both. I remember her being so sick. They pretty much told her to start planning her funeral, that she was not going to live long. Guess what? She lived another 20yrs. I got to get married, and give her a baby grandaughter she was so very close to for 3 1/2yrs. It was definately a miracle. I pray for your Mom. My Mom was only 28yrs old when she got sick. I hope the radiation works. You take care of yourself too!
Thanks you, Naus. I read your posts to Pintos. Sorry about your Mom. Take care of you and your family. Will be praying for you.
Stacks of records and reports later... I made copies of other doctor's diagnoses and even highlighted key points. I have also typewritten a list of symptoms that are clear indicators of cognitive issues. Seems some agree with her dementia diagnosis, and some do not. At times Mom seems alert and appropriate, but there are times when she definitely does not, like it comes and goes. For the present, her health providers usually see her during the upswing. Later in the day, when she can no longer maintain that stance, we slam into quite a different picture. It is difficult to illustrate that to someone who hasn't seen it. Some day I wish I had a video camera to record for others when my sister and I are seeing. Any suggestions?
Just wondering if anyone had a problem with aricept? My Mom can't tolerate it she gets diarehea from it. She is very small only like 100 lbs or less. I think that could be the problem. I haven't heard of other dementia med that work as well, any comments would be appreciated. Love, Michele

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