Answering same questions over and over!

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Short term memory loss is a crazy frustrating thing to deal with.... Mom is 86 and has short term memory loss. The same questions are asked over and over and OVER again...makes the caregiver (me) feel like I need medication, ha! It truly can be the most irritating and frustrating thing to deal with. The only things to do....keep answering or distract. Of course, until one is able to keep from getting irritated (not sure how one is able to get to that place), it's enough to make me dread visiting...knowing I will be half crazy by the time I leave and sad. Things will get so much worse and I feel bad for being irritated when I know she can't help it. Just my thought for today!

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If you'd like some suggestions, this is a good, short article:

If you just want to vent, go right ahead. Those of us with loved ones who have dementia know how absolutely irritating this can be!

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