Alzheimer's Prevention Methods

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My dad is suffering from Alzheimer's and I am wondering if anyone has found any new ways to combat this awful disease. I of course have researched the topic thoroughly but I am always open to new methods to prevent Alzheimer's. Thanks for your help!

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The most frequent advice is "what is good for your heart is good for your brain." Exercise, fish oil, good diet, staying socially active and learning new things or doing old things in a new way are all good.

There are drugs, which you have probably read about, for Alzheimer's, that slow the disease. If your dad hasn't seen a doctor to see if one of these would help, he probably should.

There's as yet no cure, nor is there any guaranteed prevention. There have been studies on antioxiodants with mixed results, so checking with a doctor or nutritionist may be good there.

I'm glad you are proactive, and information changes daily.

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