Exercise for the Elderly Articles

  • Exercise Helps Prevent Osteoporosis in the Elderly

    Vital at every age for healthy bones, exercise is important for treating and preventing osteoporosis. Not only does exercise improve bone health, it also increases muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

  • 8 Arthritis Exercise Tips

    Exercise is important for seniors, but what do you do when arthritis pain makes movement a struggle? Here are eight tips that may help make working out more bearable for people suffering from arthritis.

  • Prehabilitation for Surgical Procedures

    Many surgeries require some type of post-operative care and physical therapy, sometimes even in a specialized rehabilitation facility. The prehabilitation process focuses on helping patients go into surgery in the healthiest possible state to aid in healing and minimize their recovery time. Improvements in diet, exercise, and mental health can make a world of difference in a patient's recovery following a joint replacement, cancer treatment and other intensive procedures.

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  • The Key to Enhancing Exercise Motivation

    Why do you work out? Your answer to this question could determine how easy it is for you to stick to a regular exercise routine.

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  • What Can You Do When a Loved One Won’t Exercise?

    Charlie has had several falls in the past few months. One way to prevent falls is to do strength training exercises, but Charlie won't go to the classes any more. Do I fight with him daily?

  • In-Home Fitness Training Could Be Key to Keeping an Elder Healthy

    Getting an elderly loved one to be more physically active may be as simple as providing the right kind of emotional support in a setting where they feel comfortable.

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  • Simple At-Home Exercises to Help You Stay Strong and Mobile

    Strength training doesn’t have to require expensive equipment or even a gym membership. Two fitness coaches share 8 easy exercises that can be done at home using only a chair, resistance band, and a wall.

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  • Exercising to Avoid Falls in the Elderly: A Caregiver's Story

    Physical fitness is vitally important for both caregivers and their loved ones. Here's how Charlie and I manage to stay in shape.

  • Another Reason Why Exercise is Useful for People With Alzheimer's

    A new study uncovers how a regular exercise routine could help people with Alzheimer’s maintain their ability to better perform everyday tasks.

  • Oldest Marathoner Turned to Running to Cope With Grief

    The world's oldest marathoner, Fauja Singh, just retired from competitive running--at 101. He turned to racing to cope with grief after his wife, daughter and son passed away.

  • 5 Strategies for an Effective Osteoporosis Exercise Program

    For people with osteoporosis, an exercise program can help prevent further bone loss. Here are 5 characteristics of an effective exercise program.

  • 7 Exercise Tips for Diabetics

    An exercise regimen can help a diabetic lose weight, and also plays an important role in helping the body manage blood sugar levels. Here are seven things diabetics can do to stay safe while exercising.

  • Growing Muscles May Prevent Shrinking Brains for Seniors

    Elders who exercise regularly have significantly less brain shrinkage than those with inactive lifestyles. Surprisingly, the same can not be said for seniors with dynamic social lives, or those who participated in mentally engaging activities.

  • 4 Balance-Enhancing Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

    As we age, we often develop new health conditions, begin taking more medications and lose muscle mass. These factors can all increase a senior’s risk of falling, but a few simple exercises can help prevent accidents by improving strength and coordination.

  • Physical Exercise Offers Neuroprotective Benefits for Seniors With Parkinson's Disease

    Exercise plays a vital role in the management of symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). Regular physical activity can improve balance, mobility, posture and possibly slow the progression of PD.

  • Seniors Can Find Confidence and Flow in Yoga Practice

    A regular yoga practice can provide a number of physical and mental benefits to an elderly person. There are many benefits to yoga that make it one of the best exercise regimens for seniors.

  • Beneath the Surface: Aquatic Exercise for the Elderly

    Water-based workouts are an excellent form of exercise that is easy on seniors’ backs and joints, but there’s more to water walking and swimming laps than just physical benefits.

  • Physical Activity Guidelines for Arthritis Sufferers

    Federal guidelines suggest exercise for arthritis sufferers. Research found people with arthritis need more exercise to stay healthy.

  • At-Home Exercise: Turn Housework Into a Workout

    Downtime is rare for caregivers, but when a spare moment comes along, hitting the gym usually isn’t a top priority. Incorporating exercise into your everyday chores is a great way to work out without throwing off your whole routine.

  • Fun Exercises to Help Caregivers Stay Healthy

    Of all the things a caregiver wants t do, exercise usually falls last on the list. But a workout doesn’t always have to feel like work. Use these tips to make fitness more fun.

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