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You just gave me a flashback (shudder). Sometimes their brains get stuck in a loop and they will repeat a phrase, sound, name when they are feeling anxious or out of control - if you have ever been to a nursing home I'm sure you have encountered someone calling "Nurse! Nurse!" or "take me to the bathroom" over and over, you might even have been angry that the staff ignored their pleas. This was one of the things that drove me to the edge, it isn't nearly as easy to ignore when you are living with it 24/7, is it? Often my mom had a need she couldn't articulate, I would play 20 questions trying to figure out if she was hungry, thirsty, bored, needed repositioning..... The "crazy" was greatly reduced after my mom was given mirtazapine to help her sleep through the night, but it never completely went away, perhaps there is a medication that can help your mom.
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