My Mom recently had a heart attack and she is experiencing severe forgetfulness and some differences in her behavior. Who can we trust to correctly diagnose her?

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Have you discussed it with her primary yet? I know that my LO's primary initially diagnosed her with dementia, after an office mini evaluation. It wasn't even close. I had provided a memo to the doctor of all the things she was doing too, so, that and the way she scored on the office eval it was clear. What we didn't know for sure is what caused it. The primary thought it was Vascular dementia, due to strokes. But, I had her evaluated by a neurologist who focused on Alzheimers. The exam and MRI supported the earlier diagnosis. They may also prescribe a neuropsychological evam too, that can help answer a lot of questions. We were not able to proceed with that though, due to my LO's severe decline and physical ailments.

I hope you can find the answers that you need. It's my understanding that not everyone gets an official diagnosis of what is actually causing the dementia or cognitive decline, but, for some people they really want to know. Some types of dementia may respond to medications, while some do not. Plus, my LO was quite young, so we wanted to rule out things like brain tumors.
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"A neurologist, a geriatrician, or a geriatric psychiatrist, can begin the process of developing an accurate picture of a senior’s cognitive ability."
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