She needs help, even though she doesn't think so, but she looks to me and others for answers, but we need information on what to do? My MIL has 3 kids, 2 of which do nothing, and one is my husband, and he actually cares about what happens to his mom. MIL lives in our home with us but she is too far gone, so I have been calling to see about 24 / 7 in home care to the tune of over $16,000 month, and I have also checked on NH care. What a mess. It would be nice if people would call back when they say that they will. Now, what do we do? I have suggested an elder law attorney.

Lostinthemix, scrolling down to the bottom of this page to the blue section [if you are not using the new website]. Within the blue section are a variety of articles that have excellent ideas.
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I’m not certain why you would need an Elder Law Attorney just to put MIL in a facility. You need to visit facilities in person. Make appointments with those you’ve researched. When you find the one that meets your’s and Mom’s needs, sign her up on the spot. If Medicaid needs to be applied for, the facility you choose can help you with that. Make sure the paperwork is in order, such as POA, wills, disposing of assets, etc. you may find that your husband’s sibs will come out of the woodwork when you start talking about that. But that’s ok. They should be kept informed. You’re not doing anything underhanded. That’s when you seek out an attorney.
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