The pharmacist told me I can go online and find a coupon for Xarelto that will significantly reduce the cost of it, but I can't find anything. I find coupons that claim to reduce the cost by 70-80%, but I have doubts about them. Even the one from GoodRX suggests that it will still cost more than what it costs with Medicare.

I asked the pharmacist what the name of the coupon or website is, but he wouldn't tell me. At another pharmacy I overheard that someone used a coupon and paid less than $100 for Xarelto. I would've asked where they got it but I was in a hurry.

I had called the manufacturer. They sent 6 months of vouchers, info packet and promotional junk. The copay was then $40. That was a few years ago.
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This is where I found one. You just need to fill in the info and get the coupon.
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Medicare patients can’t use those coupons (unfortunately). I am pretty sure those coupons are for commercial pay.

The two sites I use frequently are good and

Often the coupons are in the doctor’s office waiting room too.

Or as stated the manufacturer’s website.

Good luck!
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JoAnn29 Feb 12, 2019
Just a question. Why would having Medicare have anything to do with prescriptions? My supplimental provides my prescription plan that is provided by my DHs Union.
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Have you checked their website? Or googled it?
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