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This is indeed a very confusing journey. May I encourage you to call rather than just visit the website of your Area Agency on Aging? They really do have terrific resources and people trained to help you. You just have to go for it!

Your mission to have dad at home is an enviable one but please do not think that it truly is the only answer. If may be that things will become very difficult in which case you AND dad may be better off with other arrangements.

That being said, is dad a vet? There are benefits available.
What state do you live in? Some states have Medicaid programs specifically for those who can be cared for at home with a family caregiver. These are called Medicaid Waiver or Medicaid Long-Term Care Diversion programs or Medicaid Home and Community Based Services.

The program you are referring to is probably one of these called "Cash and Counseling" and is not available in all states. If it is available you will be distressed to learn how small the amounts of recompense are and how difficult it is to get and maintain the benefit.

Also through the Agency on Aging you will be able to learn about other programs that help those on a limited budget available from the state, county, and even city, where you live. This would include things like meals on wheels, transportation, and respite care.

Its tough, but there are many who have slogged the path ahead of sure take advantage of their experience when you can...good luck!
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Thank you; I have been to the website and it is most confusing. My dad is not on Medicaid - his past employer carries him under a group policy. I collect early retirement from social security and have my own investments from my 401K and profit sharing from my employer. My dad has only a bank account of 5 digits. I need more than the social security pays and I did leave a very good paying job because his health warranted 24 hour care. I've been told the govt is willing to pay a small sum for my services - I don't want to dip into my Roth and jeopardize my own future. I cannot leave my dad - this is my commitment - no elder care home for him - he will stay here with me.
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Go to your state's Web site, Sunny, and look under aging services. There should be contact information and they can help guide you. Each state is different, and there is often lots of paperwork. I'm assuming your parent is on Medicaid? If not, and there are few assets, that may be a first step. But check with your state for help.

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