My wife has two bone on bone knees and is using a CBD cream now. It gives her some relief.

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I've been using 1000 mg. CBD cream on my fingers for arthritis. While I can't quantify how much it helps, I can say that it is a noticeable improvement. And it happens fairly quickly. Having seen unintended side effects of FDA approved, doctor prescribed meds, I'm less concerned about medical marijuana and CBD cream. Just my two cents.
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Riverdale Oct 25, 2019
Where did you find it at that strength? I have a roll on that's 500mg
CBD from hemp is not as strong as from cannabis. There are labs that can test the purity, strength. Testing has been done in Europe, Israel, and South America. It can help pain, but it is still individual. If your wife has high pressure in her eyes (glaucoma), do NOT use it. CBD can increase eye pressure.

Yes, I began a course with - Dr. Sulu, but my memory isn't what it needs to be. Still, very interesting! With rats who solved problems, it was found that cannabis makes elder rats smarter, and younger ones more stupid.
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anonymous272157 Oct 25, 2019
Oops, that was Dr. Sulak in ME., not Sulu.......too much Star Trek!
Individual OTC products for holistic health are not required to do testing for the FDA. They may get involved if harm is done to someone. A lot of those products are home cooked with a small geographic distribution. It will be up to your wife to make that determination.

The next question will be how is this done when the person gives an anecdotal answer. How does "it seems to be working" deserve a measurement?

Just as an aside, so far there is no information on CBD for pain.
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Rummel09 Oct 23, 2019
The CBD product I use (Elixicure) IS registered with the FDA (08/23/19) and assigned NDC #73520-0100-01,-02,-02 &73520-0101-01,-02,& -02.
It is a roll-on that has 1000mg/ml of CBD as well as menthol and camphor.
I use a 1000mg roll-0n by elixicure- has given me great relief from knee pain. If you would like more info ... just ask!
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terryb44 Oct 21, 2019
More info would be appreciated. Thank you!

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