This morning I got a call from my Aunts memory care.
Right side of her face was drooping and she couldn't use her right arm.
After she arrived at the ER, I was in constant contact with her attending physician. He was amazing with her and with me!!
Lots of tough questions and discussion about how best to treat or not treat her.
Ultimately her diagnosis was TIA.
I have been doing research about the prognosis for dementia patients after having a TIA/stroke and it is rather worrisome.
Have any of you had this situation?
What was your experience?

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Jodi, how goes it with your Aunt?
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I have a pet peeve about the medical community and the term TIA - the T stands for transient, and unless she was completely recovered within the time it took to get her to the hospital there was nothing transient about it, it was a small stroke. My mom had numerous silent strokes and TIAs (the one I witnessed probably lasted for maybe 5 minutes but it seemed much longer) and beyond the fact that they are a warning that a catastrophic stroke may be imminent their effects are also cumulative. You already know your aunt has dementia, with vascular dementia each episode is likely to cause a further decline and then a slow partial recovery. My greatest fear for my mother was a stroke that didn't kill her but left her even more disabled so treatment aimed at preventing that was our goal.
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xrayjodib Sep 26, 2020
That's my biggest fear as well!!
Jodi, no experience (my mom had a major stroke after a dx of Mild Cognitive impairment), just wanted to send you ((((hugs))))).

Is aunt on hospice?
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xrayjodib Sep 26, 2020
Thanks Barb!!
(((Hugs)))) to you too!!
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