He has diabetes. Dad has always healed well and quickly. He recently got an ulcer on his heel. It was getting better, got infected, got much worse, got better on IV antibiotics but now has stopped healing... we are getting another opinion tomorrow. How can I educate myself fast in new treatments so I know what questions to ask. Also this 2nd opinion is coming from a general sugeon instead of a diabetic foot doctor... is that good or bad? Please help quick.

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You should get a wound care doc or NP to follow him -they know which products work well because they usually have salemen come to their offices and might have samples sometimes you need to try more than one product ask the doc how soon you shoud see improvement and what signs to look for that mean it is not healing and how about diet and when should the dressings be changed if you have home care from a medicare agency they will get you the supplies also what you can do to prevent more skin breakdown-my husband was not carefull about keeping his heels from rubbing on the bed and if the doc or nurse tells them to do that it might mean more to them.. They should be able to give you information about how the different stages look like and they should measure the size and how deep the ulcer is each visit and teach you how to do that a good podiatrist might be a better way to go and some make home visits-maintaining good blood sugar will help-many diabetics are noncompliant so you may have to be the foot police for a while.
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