My mother was diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago. Eight years ago I moved her into an assisted living / memory care facility. She now has developed congestive heart failure. Mom is 99 years old and will reach 100 years in the fall. She is frail, unable to do almost anything for herself. She walks using a walker and is on oxygen 24/7. I am not able to find much information on life expectancy for someone of her advanced age with these two conditions. How will I know when it's appropriate to bring in hospice care?

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I would talk to the director of nursing at the facility. Does he or she think a hospice evaluation is appropriate now?

It is pretty impressive that she is still walking! Some of the indicators that hospice might be appropriate are significant weight loss and sleeping an increased amount. I called in hospice when my husband slept about 20 hours a day. He lived five weeks after that. (He had dementia and CHF.)

Is she in pain? 

I agree with Angel that her age and frailty are probably the most significant factors for her life expectancy. 
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No one can tell you for sure what the life expectancy is. They can give you an idea based on statistics but it doesn't mean it will be accurate.

I think the most meaningful information you have given us is that she is about to turn 100. Turning 100 would probably be a bigger indicator of death within the next year that either CHF or dementia.

In my opinion it is appropriate to have a hospice evaluation immediately.

Angel #2
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