My mother is in a facility for Alzheimer's. I am her POA. My father was a WWII veteran. Her money is dwindling. I would like to apply for VA survivor benefits. I understand I have to apply to be a fiduciary. We have a decent credit score (about 710) but do have a large amount of debt. What is involved with the credit check? We haven't ever applied for bankruptcy, and I have never committed a felony. Do you think I will be accepted as fiduciary? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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You need to sit down with an attorney and consider Guardian status.  The VA pretty much ignores POA's.  Guardianship means a complete background check including credit scores, criminal records and more.  What they want to see is someone who owns their own home, has lived in one place a long time, has good steady employment and no felonies, misdemeanors or judgments of any kind.  They become very hesitant when they see large debts or late payments.
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igloo572 Dec 2018
IN addition to the info in Pam’s spot on answer, the court can also look at the status on persons in your household. Like you & hubs are solid, upstanding with high FICO score but your kid - with drivers license or credit reporting at your address - has debt issues or felony or even juvenile record can pose problems. Juvee is supposed to be sealed to the public but it’s in the courts system so judge can see it.
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