But no money.

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Mayans - your question is too too short of details to get answers.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that the situation that someone - currently on Medicaid so their impoverished or low income - has had their parent die and in the parents will they are named beneficiary of the some or all of deceased parents probatable estate? And the estate inheirited consists of land and a house? If so, the land & house are real assets with an established value (like the tax assessor value) that would have been entered with a $ amount into probate & so will likely take you over the asset limit of $ 2K allowed by Medicaid.

There was recently posted an most excellent article by Gabriel Heiser on this site "Medicaid VS Inheritance" that is about this very situation and possible options for the Medicaid individual to consider doing. Read it.

Land, homes, cars are all real property with some sort of tax assessment. As such info on them as to ownership & transfer of ownership is recorded locally and then that data dovetailed to the states database. Plus if its part of probate, its documented at the courthouse as well. You have to let Medicaid know as they will find out eventually.

If the estate is still in probate, I'd suggest you speak with whomever is the executor to see if the close on probate can be put off for a bit till you are able to speak with an atty to set up a possible option as to a trust or other way to deal with the asset change and still allow for Medicaid to continue.
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