Hi, it is me again. Some of you have already followed my post from last month. I still have that same old dilemma although there have been some improvement. Still having problems with my sister and my mom. I have another meeting set with mom's social worker and counselor next week.

Here is my main concern. Well really all are main concerns but here goes.

I think mom's nerve/anxiety pill (buspirone) is not working. She has been on it for probably five years. I see her go into these tailspins over nothing (at least to me). We can be talking about a TV show or anything and if she does not agree with what you said or you with her, watch out. Anger outburst, pacing the floor like she is going to fight, loud singing, swinging hands calling up to heaven, and saying she wished she was dead.

Yesterday's tailspin was caused because dad removed two old plastic storage bins by the stove. Dad removed these bins because he was chasing a scorpion that had gone underneath the stove. I had just made it there to work. I helped dad run the thing out and kill it. I left dad outside with the bins, then went to clean the bathrooms. Not shortly after my hubby went to banging on the door saying hurry. He says mom went outside where dad was stooping down cleaning out the bins and put both fist in his face threatening to hit him. He said dad finally stood up probably to retaliate but then caught himself. There was no fine china is these storage bins just plastic bowls with dead rodents and mildew.

This is not the first time she has acted like she is going to push dad down or hit him. I am worried about her or that one of these times dad may strike her due to aggressive nature.

Question: What else can she take either with buspirone or as a replacement for buspirone?

My other dilemma is sister still has control of the house. The air for the front part of the home is going out and the brother locks in the air from the other one once he comes home from work. I have called around for repair cost and it is out of the budget ($300 plus). So I called social services agency where they get utility assistance and they say the air conditioner that is in the home now was approved for parents about one year ago can't help plus this year they got help with gas.

But here is the kicker, the air conditioner that belongs to parents is being staked a claim on by my sister. She claims it is going in her room and her room only and it has been going in her room for a year now. It has been on the floor so long that the bottom of box is coming off. I told mom that social worker has proof the air conditioner was applied for and approved under their name. So we asked them what they wanted to do and hubby proceeded to prepare window after they said ok. But as soon as I went to open the box my brother who has come back since APS, snuck down the hall (so he thought) and told my sister. She came up the hall blazing of course at me and carrying on about how I have changed since hubby, blah, blah, blah. Went as far to say as I need to read my job books because it would show I should be making thing better for others and not myself. What?

And of course brother left and went on his usual weekend fling after getting things in motion. Leaving dad with $20 for his weekly stay.

It was another big blow out just short of me pepper spraying my sister. I gave mom all of her meds back and asked if she wanted me to give sister banking card to handle everything since she keeps coming to sister defense. Funny, she took that meds but refused to give sister banking info. Dad begged me not to leave his meds or his banking information with any of them and that he does not want them in the home. Keeping only his pill dispenser.

I am worried that mom will overdose because she constantly wants to pump those nerve pills that are not working.

Dad was sad because I told him quitting may be best for everyone. He says my hubby and I are the only help he has. I had same conversation with mom in a separate room and you would have thought someone had died. It was unnerving as I drove away. I did not sleep a wink yet again. But then again what is sleep.

Now I can make out their credit card and put a small $100 unit in the home. I could come out of my pocket but as hubby says why keep putting ourselves out when others don't care.

They saying they would prefer not to have a stranger full-time in the home. Well, they are living two strangers and I don't trust parents being left there alone with those two remaining family members.

Stuck - rock and hard place.

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Found some answers to this question on the website and a family member who is a nurse.
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