They look for inconsistencies. Moms bank provides copies of checks so Medicaid could see what each check was for. Out of 5 years, the caseworker only pulled 4 a year. Large Amounts maybe questioned. Like said, if gifts they may have to be paid back or the person applying will be penalized. If the person lived with someone and that someone had to do renovations and reimbursed themselves out of applicants acct., Medicaid does not allow that and the money will need to be paid back.
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Dutchbob, I would think Medicaid would look for any patterns of deposits to see what income is coming in.... such as stock dividends, or annuity besides the standard social security and pension dollar amounts.

And a pattern of payments to see what expenses are being paid, or if those expenses are actually "gifts" to others. Such as an elderly parent "gifting" a grown child $15k as per the Federal guidelines so no gift tax is paid.... but Medicaid views this differently, it is a "gift" that is flagged.
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