What do you think about Obamacare?

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Here's my proposal. No one can talk about Obamacare, except on this thread. People on both sides have very strong feelings. Express them here, and keep them out of other threads.

I personally have benefitted from RomneyCare, so I am willing to give Obamacare a chance.

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Twopupsmom, Media Matters says the whole "death panel" claim is a bogus fear-mongering canard. http://mediamatters.org/research/2013/08/13/conservative-media-death-panels-lie-returns-in/195381

And PolitiFact Named "Death Panels" Its 2009 "Lie Of The Year"

But somehow I doubt you'll listen to either of these sources. Sigh.

I'm thrilled about the Affordable Care Act and am waiting until the website is improved so I can buy my coverage. I have individually purchased coverage now and I'll be saving several hundred dollars a month with my new plan. So I can now purchase dental insurance with my savings. I love the ACA!
stinks to high heavens
I was able to get affordable health insurance with a pre-existing condition not excluded when I was in between jobs and did not qualify for cobra, thanks to Romneycare in Massachusetts. Not sure if I would have been able to get coverage in another state at that time. I probably would have been a basket case. Right now I can't get long term care insurance due to an existing condition, which is pretty nerve wracking as I care for my mom and make plans for her future. I might be pretty screwed when that time comes for me..

FWIW, no one has tried to repeal Romneycare in the 10 years that it has been the law in Massachusetts, and we have a lot more insurance companies (and therefore more competition and lower $$) offering policies than we had before.

I only offer my personal experience and observations.
3 years and a wasted $634,000,000 (Yes that's in millions) on a website that doesn't work could've paid for a heck of a lot of healthcare. Obamacare is a major fail.

It's also interesting that the Canadian firm, CGI, paid to create the website is in part run by Michelle Obama's college roommate and friend. Why did our government outsource $634,000,000 of our tax dollars to CANADA to create the website? Shouldn't OUR money, our hard-earned tax dollars from We The People stay in our country? That's ludicrous! They're are plenty of people in the U.S. that could use jobs.

Follow the money and the Chicago way. The answers lie in big payoffs to political cronies. The government and this administration couldn't care less about us little people that fund all their cr@p at our expense.

800,000 people in N.J. are receiving cancellations on their health insurance because their current plan doesn't include the required Obamacare standards which require coverage for birth control, maternity and the like.

I know not many elderly are concerned about that type of coverage.

Thanks jinx for starting this thread. It will be interesting, indeed. :)
Reform was/is DESPERATELY needed. Whether this act will provide adequate/beneficial reform will become more apparent over the next few years.

But I highly endorse keeping the discussion of it out of other posts.
I am one of the people who fell through the cracks, so was personally hurt. I don't make much now, so don't qualify for subsidies, but have too much retirement savings to qualify for Medicaid (which I wouldn't want). I am going to have to start drawing some of my retirement savings so my insurance premiums won't be so high. At the moment I'm confused about what to do.

We needed reform very much. I was personally hoping for universal healthcare, which would have been a lot less confusing.
It wasn't outsourced. CGI Federal is the US branch of multi-national CGI (publically traded on the NYSE) and employees 12,000 people in 50 US offices. CGI Federal was pre-approved for no-bid contracts up to a certain upset amount that was higher than the total amount of this contract.

The vice -president n question was a classmate (not roommate) at Princeton the same time that Michelle Obama attended. Princeton's undergraduate enrollment is above 5,000 students.

As for the New Jersey-ites. They haven't been cancelled, just informed that their current policies do not conform to what will be required. That's 9% of New Jersey's 8.856 million total population. Whether this is good, bad, or indifferent is too soon to tell. None of us know how their individual policies will be changed or whether there will be an increase/decrease in cost/coverage, given subsidies and other benefits available. FYI, 1.3 million are currently uninsured in New Jersey, 15% of the population. New Jersey did expand medicaid, so no donut hole problem there.

Yes, the federal website roll out was absolutely horrible, no doubt about it. Heads should roll. But let's be accurate and not create boogey men.

I could add more about other false statements I've read on here, but I won't. Except to say that only one adult to child lung transplant has ever been done before, and the efficacy is unknown. What is known is that when one person moves up on the waiting list, another person moves down. Read more about the OPTN and its protocols - and who developed them.
I think Obamacare is a propagandistic misnomer. Isn't it Affordable Healthcare Act? Other than that I don't have a lot of opinion, except adequate healthcare should be considered a basic human right in an advanced society. I am not sure how that can be best accomplished. Personally, I benefitted from the model program here in Massachusetts when my husband and I hit a finanacially rough spot. He's now on Medicare C (Blue Cross/Blue sheild) and I pay my own way with a private plan since I am self employed.
I sometimes get irritated since many funds are wasted by folks without insurance or money who head to the emergency room for anything. And it seems to need to be a better way to handle the huge problems associated with addictions. I guess I think the real issue is not the insurance,affordable care act but the insurance industry. they are for profit. As long as profit is the driving force, how can it work? Making huge amounts of money off of sick people just seems wrong.
i just read a great opinion piece on cnn. insurers who are dropping peoples coverage right now are doing so because their shoddy coverage and exessive rates do not meet the criteria obama has established. it was known from the start that many bloated insurers would not be able to survive the new criteria. good riddance to the crooks. one of my previous insurers drove a humvee, another a bmw. theyre former insurers for a reason. you dont take advantage of people in a small town and then flaunt your wealth.
health care would work if the government would take the time to clean up the fraud in Medicare, Medicaid, Disability, and on & on, what concerns me is the Obamacare’s Death Panels IPAB
this is the panel of 15 that will determine whether you live or die, thank you Obamacare!

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