I am trying to find activities to do when seniors are sun downing.

Other alternatives to motivate them to not.

I need ways to better understand what it is and how to stop or slow down the process?

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I like you, am caring for someone who sundowns and it can get rough. My grandma started out just constantly being up all night, then it got to her roaming the house. Fast forward 2 years and I’m climbing the walls. It’s a constant struggle between yelling screaming, she will even throw herself on the floor if I don’t keep an eye on her. But the only benefit is that now she isn’t really mobile. Hopefully you don’t experience the torture I’m going through because everyone is different. Far as tips- I’d say try to keep your loved one busy during the day as much as possible. Try to serve dinner and bath time around the same time as best you can (this can become impossible).. Try to beat them to the punch on certain things for example: My granny likes to snack at night.. Before she gets the chance to ask me I’ll offer her some crackers or fruit. It doesn’t work all the time but it use to help me in the beginning. Now I’m up every night sometimes 24 hours a day with no sleep. Good luck on your journey and I hope this helps😊
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lealonnie1 Dec 2019
Now is the time to look into Memory Care for granny before YOU die first! Dementia reaches a point where it becomes impossible for them to be cared for at home any longer.....and I think she's at that point now if not long before now!

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