I have cared for my best friend for almost 10 years. He always exhibited some dementia like behavior because he has a TBI from an accident 40 years ago and had a massive stroke 8 years ago. About three years ago I noticed significant changes in his behavior such as his increasing inability to be reasoned with and he was exhibiting abusive characteristics. He is on Medicaid and it took 1 1/2 years before I could get him a psych evaluation. They diagnosed him with early onset dementia at 56, but that was about the extent of what we were told. I will list some of the changes he (and I) are experiences and I hope someone more knowledgable than me can give me some feedback.
He does not understand the consequences of his actions
Totally narcissistic
Very manipulative
Pathological liar
Exceedingly physically, mentally, emotional and verbally abusive to me, his caregiver
Constantly calls APS and police with false allegations of abuse
Not interested in social activities
He was in a six week memory class with others in their 80's and 90's and he had the worst score in the class (TBI responsible for that)
He has always been a fighter doing anything possible to get better and he could care less now
Zero empathy for others
Accepts no responsibility for his terrible attitude
Very ungrateful
Thanks to anyone who can better inform me. God bless all caregivers out there for all you do without any appreciation from anyone.

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Tex, I found this article here on Aging Care that explains the different stages of Alzheimer's... which probably would also follow the same path as Dementia.
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A TBI and a stroke can create a situation of vascular dementia...which you already have the diagnosis for...

However when I reached the point you said..."Exceedingly physically, mentally, emotional and verbally abusive to me". That is a dealbreaker. If you are being abused, especially physically, but abused at all, you need to remove yourself from the situation. There are other things that bother me deeply like the false accusations to APS which you have you catch criminal charges. He is on medicaid, he needs to be in an environment that is controlled and on medication to control his behavior...someone who is aggressive and violent should not just be running around in the public. Not sure what you are willing to do, but you need to get him to an ER for an evaluation and explain that you are being abused and he is no longer welcome where you are...they will find placement for him.

I am purposely ignoring your question about the stages of dementia because the abuse is the primary problem here. Get away before he kills you.

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