Is there any talc or cream which can help reduce diaper rashes caused due to scratching and dampness of diaper?

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I like ConvaTec Aloe Vista Protective Ointment 3.
It works great, creating a moisture barrier and protecting skin.
Organic coconut oil works well with a baby's bottom. It's worth a try.
Honey Calendula Lotion by Kiss My Face. Great for any skin condition-dryness, rash, shingles, psoriasis, wound care. Very thick, so may need to water down for some uses. Everyone I've used for ends up purchsing more. Very inexpensive, in pump bottle or travel size. Available most healrh and natural food stores. If not found anything containing calendula very good. Hope this helpful.
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Why not try old fashion corn starch. Used it on my babies and my husband use to get rash on thighs in summer from sweat. Corn starch will clear it fast.
Don't hurt to try.
Baby formula of "Butt Paste." I know Target carries it. It works on my 94 year old dad.
Balmex!!! Most any drug store.
Research incontinent wear, some brands wick moisture away. I found a lot of information in the customer product reviews on Amazon. My husband sleeps for 16 hours straight and has not had any rashes (knock on wood). Since I switched to a more expensive brand, I spend less money per month and have no leakage.
Desitin or balmez has an adult cream which I thought worked well. Anytime I changed my mom when she was soaked I would make it a point to wash and dry her well. At night I would do a quick bottom wash with soap squirted in water then put cream in and do the same in the morning. We had great results with this routine. I noticed that the ointments and creams provided by hospice are sold at Walmart. Convalec was one of the brand names. Good luck.
Do not use a talc. It is drying. Use Desitin or a Vaseline petroleum-based cream. Diaper rash happens because the diaper (or Depends) has been kept on too long. The ammonia in the urine irritates the skin. Another suggestion would be to find a 99% gel of Aloe Vera to put on the skin. It is natural, healing, cooling, and is non-toxic. I bought mine at Sprouts. I also use a great deal of Arnicare, which is arnica montana, a homeopathic cream which is great for bruises, and healing itching is great! (You can buy this at Walmart). Be sure to not scrub the skin with a washcloth as it could tear the skin. Just use soap and water. Any antibacterial soap is not good in this area. Use something like Ivory.
Boudreau's butt paste.can be found in most diaper rash/baby area's-Walmart included. It's actually zinc oxide .was recomended by one of our caregivers on here. works wonders !!!!

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