My mother's next to oldest daughter continues to tell lies and it is to anyone who will listen. She continues to whin and tell people that I won't let her see her mother. I have never said this I did have to stop her from coming to my home and causing trouble. But, still made arrangements for her to see mom in a safe environment. Mom is in rehab and she can walk in anytime she wants there is no restrictions. She also got my mother kicked out of a cemetery because myself and our brother picked out a spot, that was I guess not to her approval and raised hell with. The president of the cemetery which she told her all about me not letting her see our mother. The president called and told me she didn't want any doings with my family and never wanted to here from her again. She returned our money. This is where my mother wanted and her family has been buried. I am worried how much farther she will go. What about the funeral, how will she cause problems there? The president of the cemetery did say my brother and I are welcomed to come to events at the church but that is as far as it goes. Strange family! The other daughter has always said she didn't want to do anything in the planning of the funeral or picking of the plot, she said she couldn't.

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I have a few relatives just like your sister. Not a whole lot you can do about her, but the BEST advice I can give you is get your mother to go to an elder attorney and have a "Living Will", along with a "Durable" and "Medical" Power of Attorney (POA) drawn up while she's still alive and cognizant. It'll cost a little bit - but it's cheaper than going to probate after she passes and so worth it if problems come up later. That way there is an attorney who will ensure certain things are handled the way she wants (such as disbursing her funds after she passes), and the POAs will help you and/or your brother in dealing with financial and medical matters if/when she starts to decline and needs more help. An Elder Attorney will explain it in more detail.
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