Mom has dementia and is at this point staying in an "independent living" facility. She has an iPhone and I have been unable to find a way to keep her from changing settings that I need to have left alone. This includes airplane mode, do not disturb, location services, cellular data, and more. She changes settings that she doesn't not even know exist. Is this possible? Or, do I need to look at other phone options?

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I think there are some ways. First , I think there is a "parent mode" for if a kid has the iPhone. that may let you lock down some settings.

One idea- make appointment at an apple store, take in iPhone and ask them. They are often quite helpful with such questions.

Is your mom clicking the "settings" icon and then changing things? One thing I did on my dads iphone is just delete off Icons for things he has no need to use. So you can delete off the settings icon so she cant press that by accident.....
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Think of it this way, if one's elder can no longer use a computer, they aren't going to be able to use a cellphone which is a computer in one's pocket.

I am in my late 70's and am quite tech savvy when it comes to computers/software but I am totally frustrated by cellphones. Part of the problem print on the phone is too small for me to see even with the highest font available. Constantly widening the screen makes it hard to follow the sentence. If one has a bit of arthritis in their hand, cells are difficult to pick up.

Us boomers grew up using landline phones. It's second nature for us to use. In fact, landlines are making a come back :) We have landlines in just about every room, thus no running around (or tripping) looking for the cell. Plus if one need to dial 911, the address of where that landline is located comes up immediately at the emergency dispatch center.... no need for that elder to try to remember their address in a panic or if having a stroke cannot talk. And anyone can use that landline, no password or thumb prints needed.
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I don't know how you would stop her. Androids have settings and all u need do is click on it and make ur selection. I guess u realize that Mom can no longer live independently.
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